A rejuvenating and refreshing cup of tea in the morning can not only detoxify your body but give you that much-needed dose of energy early in the morning. Our passion for creating brilliant blend of tea that not only is refreshing but also is extremely beneficial for your body has led us to create our herbal tea range. Each leaf is handpicked from prominent farms in India and processed gently to maintain its potency. Our  healthy olive leaf tea blend is known to boost immunity, health and contains antioxidants  in much greater amount then what found in green tea. It’s mixed with a number of different flavors including mint, lemon grass and other beneficial herbs to aid in digestion, fight cancer, boost metabolism, control hormone levels. 


1. Suffering from diabetes, PCOS? If you’re not getting desired weight loss despite of regularly exercising then imbalance of hormones in your body could be the reason. Olive leaf tea helps in controlling hormonal levels and boosting metabolism to aid in weight loss!

2. Do you catch cough, cold easily? Or do you take more time to recover from infections? Oliria’s olive leaf tea has to be one of the most healthiest and effective immunity booster. It helps fight infections much faster and protects the body from cellular damage!

3. If you are suffering from heart problems, high blood pressure then olive lead tea extract will significantly lower your cardiovascular symptoms and uncontrolled BP in no time. The antioxidants , minerals, vitamins helps improve heart health and reverse damage!

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