Olive Leaves: A Healthy Alternative for Green Tea

Olive is among the most valuable crops present in the Mediterranean countries. Over half a million olive trees are cultivated all over the world. Almost every part of Olive tree is beneficial for our health whether it’s the fruit or the leaves both have their own importance in our diet.

Being the byproduct of Olive farming, olive leaves are available throughout the year. According to many research, it has been founded that olive leaves not only have anti-oxidant property but it is also enriched with anti-proliferative & apoptotic effect, anti-HIV properties, lipid-lowering activity, and protective against leukaemia in humans.

Anti-Oxidant Properties of Olive Leaf

Olive leaf has a rich amount of polyphenols that are a type of antioxidants which has an essential role in the prevention of several diseases that are caused due to oxidative stress like cardiovascular or Alzheimer’s. Moreover, according to studies, it has been founded and confirmed that olive leaves extract entails even more antioxidants than any green tea. It is the best herbal tea for weight loss and other health benefits that one can try.

Besides, the antioxidant i.e. polyphenols that are present in the olive leaves are infinite and have diverse nature too. Some of them are flavones, flavonols, flavan-3-OLS, substituted phenols, and most importantly Oleuropein. And the fact that effect their levels and composition in the olive leaves are the date of collection, cultivation zone, cultivator, drying conditions, and extraction procedure.

Olive Leaf Extract

In the past decade, the extract of olive leaf has become quite popular as it is proven to be beneficial for fighting bacteria or virus, lowering blood pressure, and boosting immunity. Olive leaf extract is the outcome of the process where olive leaves are steeped into alcohol for a certain amount of time. It not only helps in the extraction of the beneficial polyphenols from the leaves but also helps in the creation of the product that is powerful and can treat minor alignments easily.

If you are making an olive leave tea for you then assure that you are seeping the leaves for approximately 8 minutes so that your tea can get the benefits of polyphenols efficiently. For this, you either can use loose/dried olive leaves or Oliria Olive Herbal Tea bags.

Olive Leaf Tea

If you are seeking an alternative for green tea that is more beneficial and contains 0% caffeine, Olive Leaf tea is the appropriate solution for you. All of us know that the Green Tea has caffeine but in the lower amount in comparison to the black tea or coffee. However, if you want zero caffeine solution then you must definitely go for the Olive Leaf Tea infusion.

Made from the dried Olive Leaves along with bark of the olive tree that is native to the Mediterranean area such as Asia and Africa.  Tea that is made with Olive Leaves have been in the use from centuries for medical purposes.

You can easily acquire the following mentioned Olive Leaf Tea Health Benefits with its regular consumption:

  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Increase Blood Flow
  • Regulate the Rate of Heartbeat
  • Provide Relief from Arrhythmias
  • Reduces the Level of Bad Cholesterol
  • Detoxification of the Body

Moreover, it has a higher amount of both antioxidants and Vitamin C than Green tea. If you want to learn more about the benefits of Olive Tea then check out our previous blog: Olive Leaf Tea Benefits that You Can Acquire Efficiently!


To get rid of the confusion that you have of where to buy olive leaf tea, we will let you know the perfect place for it.

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